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Anti Snoring Chin Device

Anti Snoring Chin Device

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The Anti Snoring Chin Device integrates cutting-edge technology that employs sound recognition and bone conduction to identify snoring patterns, subsequently emitting low-frequency pulses. These pulses stimulate and massage nerves, creating an optimal environment for enhanced and peaceful sleep quality. Snoring, resulting from relaxed throat tissues causing airflow-induced vibrations during sleep, can sometimes signify Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Symptoms like daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, or high blood pressure often accompany this condition. This anti-snoring chin device adeptly tackles these issues by automatically detecting snores through precise sensors. Following detection, it utilizes vibration pulses to massage specific nerve groups, facilitating muscle tightening, regulating breathing rhythms, and easing airway blockages during sleep. This process aims to curtail snoring instances and bolster overall sleep quality by reducing airway congestion or restrictions.


  • Sound Recognition Technology: Identifies snoring patterns through advanced sound recognition.
  • Bone Conduction: Utilizes bone conduction technology to transmit low-frequency pulses.
  • High-Precision Sensors: Detects and analyzes snoring instances accurately.
  • Nerve and Muscle Stimulation: Emits vibrations to stimulate specific nerves and muscles.
  • Muscle Tightening: Facilitates muscle contraction to reduce airway blockages.
  • Improved Breathing Rhythms: Regulates breathing patterns during sleep.


  • Technology: Sound recognition and bone conduction technology
  • Features: High-precision sensors, low-frequency vibration pulses
  • Purpose: To detect snoring patterns and stimulate nerves and muscles
  • Targeted Area: Hypoglossal nerve and jaw muscle group
  • Function: Facilitates muscle tightening and regulates breathing rhythms
  • Benefits: Minimizes airway blockages and congestion
  • Result: Reduced instances of snoring and improved sleep quality

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